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Piano Lessons and Pricing

Woodstock Piano Lessons

Piano lessons provide a fulfilling and enriching source of personal achievement for youngsters. For the student musician, experiencing music allows them to explore the creative process through their lessons and provides personal fulfillment, enjoyment and self-confidence. Piano lessons have become such an important part of Mr. Iossa’s students’ lives. The display of virtuosity is not atEllen all the measure of accomplishment for the student musician. Mr. Iossa’s students develop an emotional outlet and cultivate an artistic and creative expression of themselves, experience culture and beauty, and build character. They become more confident, more expressive, more sensitive, more in tune, and they have fun!

When the students learn and listen to the music they study, they don’t just learn the notes on the page – that’s not the goal. They experience beauty, and they feel things through the music they’ve never felt before. The goal of making music is to satisfy the basic needs for self-expression, appreciation of culture, art and beauty, and an outlet for emotional release. A musical background through piano lessons enriches each person and can remain a lifelong source of personal enjoyment and fulfillment.


Mr. Iossa does not require an application or registration fee.


30 Minute Session – $35

1 Hour Session – $70